6 Ways of Analytical Thinking

We know that analytical thinking, when adopted as a part of our approach to events, significantly helps solving problems. Analyzing their behavioral patterns, one would establish that analytical thinkers:

  1. base on scientific facts in reasoning. Abstract assumptions that vary according to uncertainties and events put us in dilemmas in making decisions.
  2. set forth certain criteria when making decisions. Attempting to make decisions without a defined set of criteria prevents us from making meaningful choices.
  3. start solving easier problems first, and more difficult problems after, and conduct reasoning accordingly. For instance; if the TV is not working, they first go and check if it is plugged. continue asking the next complicated question when they solve a previous stage of the problem.
  4. make comparisons before making a decision. For instance; if input A causes problem C and input B also causes problem C, then the origin of the problem is most likely not A or B.
  5. develop forward-looking projections. For instance: if my action A led to outcome B in the past, then I may obtain outcome B by taking action A in the future.
  6. analyze their own lives and the events around them within the framework of an established system. act on the basis of a system they have already established if they meet similar situations in the future.

Happy analytical thinking…

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