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Benefits of using

For making a success in stock photography it is desirable on the part of the photographer to be skilled not only in taking quality images, but also to scan out all the relevant descriptive keywords which can serve beneficial in listing his image on a stock photograpy agency. Today the task of keywording has emerged out as an act of creativity which can either lead to a great sale or deprive you of buyers. As the task of manually finding the keywords can be time consuming, which is a keyword suggestion tool is well versed to relieve you of this problem and retrieves within seconds a set of keywords through Artificial Intelligence and pattern recognition technology. This saves your precious time for a multitude of other tasks concerning stock photography.

The interface is very easy to use

You have to simply create an account whereby you are asked for a confirmation via email and then you can easily analyze as many as images free of cost. You can either select a single image or multiple images in one go. Once the software processes the image, it serves to generate with utmost accuracy not only the details deemed necessary to raise your image search but also the location and place of the image origin. Keywordsready has also been optimized to list only those keywords which a consumer is likely to use as a search term in the keyword search field.

This keyword suggestion tool provides the stock photographers with a simple, hassle free three step process to generate image keywords:

• Once logged in, start by either uploading the image/images from your system or copy and paste the relevant image URL.

• Within seconds, the tool lists all the relevant keywords in front of the image/images

• Now, you can easily copy the keywords to the clipboard

A photography enthusiast can now focus his time and creativity on capturing quality images and leave the burden of keyword casting for his stock agency on our keyword suggestion tool.

Use of Artificial Intelligence in Stock Photography

The face of the internet is changing on a swift pace making it easier and more convenient for users to interact with them. Artificial Intelligence is being integrated into websites which is making things simpler with minimal amount of interaction from the user.

There are millions of images in a stock photography agency. The way images are distinguished from each other is by keywords relevant to the image. that is why keywording while uploading a photograph is a very important process for a stock photographer. Thanks to the, the task has been made pretty simple by fusing together a website that uses Artificial Intelligence to grab the right keywords for you. can help users find keywords with a couple of clicks.

What is Keywordsready and How to Use?

Keywordsready is a simple website that makes use of Artificial Intelligence in order to find the best keyword against a certain picture. After logging in to the website the homepage appears where the user is requested to either drag an image or select an image by clicking the Select Images button. The user can select several images at the same time to get the keywords at the same time. The user can also enter the URL of an image. After uploading an image the website processes the picture which takes a few seconds and displays a list of keywords. As simple as that!

This process can save valuable time for anyone who wants to have the best keyword suggestions available for a certain picture.