A Simple Test For Diagnosing Eclipse of Reason

There have always been masters, gurus and spiritual leaders who exploited the meaning quest of modern human in the claws of capitalism. How do we understand we encounter such a master and should we trust these people? I have prepared a test consisting of 4 questions to get answers for these questions. Please answer “yes” or “no” for the questions below to apply the test.

  1. Does this master gather any sort of income from his activities while saying ” I’m not in this for myself. Whatever I am doing is for you and for humanity?”
  2. Does this master see his own preaching as the absolute truth while discrediting and excluding other teachings and methods?
  3. Does this master speak of subjective concepts or experiences whose existence may not be proved by scientific means? For example: “I left my body last night and soared the skies.”
  4. Are there any logical inconsistencies in master’s speeches? For example: “All humans are good but Jews are evil.”

If you have answered “no” to all of the questions above, appreciate thoughts of this person.

If you have answered “yes” to at least one question, beware, question and approach with suspicion.

If you have answered “yes” to all questions, stay away from that person because eclipse of reason is extremely dangerous and contagious.

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1 Comment A Simple Test For Diagnosing Eclipse of Reason

  1. Patrick October 19, 2015 at 6:24 pm

    Ya right. These are the things we should note before trusting such Gurus. There have been hundreds of thousands of such cases where such gurus, spiritual leaders and the master of some kind have been actually found to be fraud.


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