What is Success?

I would like to explain this subject -which was also written by several writers- simply and  in a different way.

There are three keys to success in business life.

  1. Motivation
  2. Vision
  3. Luck

If we don’t have even one of these three keys, success doesn’t happen.


At least one of the following two conditions is needed for motivation.

  1. To want and to love enough
  2. To be obliged to

The legendary warriors of the past don’t only want to save their countries from the enemies, but also have to. Being obliged to do something is an important source of motivation.


Having a vision includes evaluating today and predicting the future. There are three essential conditions for being a visionary.

  1. Knowing the substantials, therefore being educated.
  2. Establish relationships between substantials and being able to make assumptions about the future, therefore being intelligent.
  3. Imagination

Intelligence and imagination may be improved a little but are features that are mostly innate.


If the great and successful leaders of human history weren’t born in the history and geography they were born in, they might not have gained their reputation they have now. If Steve Job’s Syrian origin family hadn’t migrated to America, we might have still had smartphones, but none of us would have known Steve Jobs.

As a result:

Most of the conditions to the road of success, which I mentioned above, are factors that aren’t in our hands. So, don’t worry if you don’t succeed and don’t rejoice if you do, and never forget:

The one true success, is being happy in the moment you live in.

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