An Insight to Blind Photography

Can blind people really take photographs? Can they capture the moment, just like every other normal person would? The answer is yes, they can. While we must have seen the famous Blind Photographer Gary Waite in the Nokia Advertisement, every single blind person yearns to cherish the joy of photography as well.

Gary uses his sense of hearing and smell, to capture most of his amazing photographs.

So how do they do it? The trick to it is described by Gary as the use of the other senses. This means that blind people can use their remaining 4 senses of touch, smell, hearing and speaking to their advantage. Just like a handicapped person; when you are unable to use one limb of your body, you gain exceptional strength in the others. The same goes for senses. Gary uses his sense of hearing and smell, to capture most of his amazing photographs.

He also touches objects with his can to judge distance and size. Lastly, just like any other photographer, he snaps as many shots as he can. This shows how even a blind person can take the most stunning photos.

But then again, no one is immediately as talented as Gary and it takes time to practice taking pictures just by using 4 senses, without your eyesight of course. So for these people who still want to enjoy taking pictures and sharing it with friends and family, mobile phones come in handy.

You see, now-a-days, apps have been built which support blind photography. These apps make photography so easy that it is almost impossible to not be able to do it, even if you are blind. Applications such as this contain special features to assist in taking photographs. The major problem found with blind photography was that blind people were not able to fix the frame of the photo in the right position. Now, it is possible.

How? Simple. By using the app, you will be notified by sound whatever content enters your frame. This works well with faces, as you will be told the number of faces which are in the frame. This allows blind people to fix the frame in the correct position for the photograph.

Moreover, audio cues can help get the main target in focus. It can become voice controlled where you can tell the camera where the focus is needed. On the other hand, it was also realized that a blind person would find it difficult to find the shutter button on the camera or the phone. Thus, the app allows for the picture to be taken by a simple upwards swipe.

All in all, blind people are not hindered by their inability to see. In fact, they can take photos as good as any other. In this advancing generation, we should do everything we can to help them even further. Just like deaf composers or soccer players with crutches, blind photographers are a group of truly talented people.

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3 Comments An Insight to Blind Photography

  1. Sara October 8, 2015 at 10:28 am

    This is absolutely fascinating. Thank you for sharing. I had no idea that there were apps or equipment for blind photography. But it makes sense, why shouldn’t blind people capture their experiences? They can hear and feel and smell and therefore obtain a strong idea of what is in front of them. And I had never heard of Gary Waite before or seen the advertisement and I’m amazed by his talent.

    1. Tunart October 8, 2015 at 2:15 pm

      Thanks for your comment Sara.

  2. Kelly October 9, 2015 at 6:48 pm

    Wow I am so amazed by this. I also had no idea. Its great that people with a disability are not letting it get in the way of their lives. I have to look this photographer up that you are talking about. Thanks so much!


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