The Features of Woody Allen Movies

I recently bought a DVD set of the Woody Allen’s movies I hadn’t watched, which I saw at a shopping center, with great joy. I can say that Woody Allen has become a member of our family for the last week.

The movies we watched are:

  • Deconstructing Harry
  • Celebrity
  • Sweet and Lowdown
  • Anything Else
  • Everyone says “I love you”
  • Mighty Aphrodite
  • The Curse of the Jade Scorpion
  • Small Time Crooks
  • Hollywood Ending

After watching so many movies, my engineer brain couldn’t stand without creating an algorithm for the Woody Allen movies.

  • The main topic of the movies is relationships between men and women. So, love, marriage, desires, dreams, infidelity, separation, etc.
  • The movies mostly take place in New York. Because he’s a New Yorker. Alternative locations are Paris, Rome, Venice.
  • He also plays in most of his own movies. In fact, saying that he plays himself in his own movies is more accurate. He probably doesn’t stick to the text in the script during his parts either. He could even be improvising. Woody Allen,  describes himself as an atheist although he’s from a Jewish family. But he doesn’t neglect to make a small reminder of the genocide in almost every movie. The characters he plays in his movies are mostly socially handicapped, over intelligent or naive, extremely chatty, obsessive, characters who make fun of their appearance, romantic or characters who can’t control their emotions.
  • The subject is told using a humorous language. The backbone of the scenario is based on the following logic: Unexpected events occur in the main character’s life. These incidents bring good results with them in an unexpected way, when normally they are supposed to result badly. We can sum it up as situations starting with foolish behavior, somehow concluding with small happiness.
  • Characters we often encounter in the movies are: psychiatrists that are of no use, stupid prostitutes, normative Jews, unsuccessful artists and himself with his overly obsessed personality.
  • At the end of the movies, you end up with a feeling ”how much fun our silly lives actually are” inside.
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