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A Photography Project – Abandoned lives of Chernobyl

In 1986, an accident occurred at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant inside the boundaries of present-day Ukraine and marked as one of history’s greatest tragedies of humanity.

The idea of going to Pripyat, the city where Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant was located, for a photo book project was exciting as well as scary. Because, the radiation around the plant was still above the normal level and even above the danger limit in some places. I organized a trip to Pripyat with two of my friends in May 2013 after receiving necessary approvals from the Ukrainian authorities providing that we travel in relatively safe areas accompanied by a guide. We spent two days in pursuit of traces of abandoned lives in dilapidated buildings almost lost in the woods, smelling of damp. We were careful not to touch any object while we were wandering in places full of dust, rust and mold, which were plundered in the course of time.

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What Do We Feel When We Look At a Photo?

”Why do we like or dislike a photo?”, ”What are the stages of evaluating a photo?”, ”What do we think when we look at a photo?” I will try to find answers for such questions.

When we look at a photo, our evaluations are ordered from subjective to objective. If we do not experience hesitation during our subjective evaluation, meaning if there is no subjective idea that pushes us to make a comment about the photo positively or negatively, we proceed to the objective evaluation stages.

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A Sushi Restaurant in Tokyo

I get on the Akihabara metro to go to the sushi restaurant that I determined to go before. In that restaurant I ate sardines and baby squids with my dear friend Bahattin five years ago. I am planning both to remember that day and to enjoy the sushi by myself.

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What’s in a human?

“Are there other intelligent life forms in the universe?” This is one of the famous questions that you have asked yourself or heard many times being asked by scientists. The idea beneath this narcissistic point of view is that we think the ultimate purpose of the evolution is to form intelligent life forms. Whereas if we were living not so long ago, say 150 million years ago, we might have thought that the purpose of the evolution is to form dinosaurs with their huge bodies and unopposable forces.

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Light from Middle East: The Exhibition

Photography is a persuasive and powerful way of expression. Its accessibility and immediacy makes it a perfect option for artists confronting the political upheavals and social challenges of the Middle East nowadays.

The current closed exhibition: Light from the Middle East, New Photography has presented work of numerous artists from all over the Middle East, straddling from North Africa up to Central Asia, those who are living in dispersion and in the regions.

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An Insight to Blind Photography

Can blind people really take photographs? Can they capture the moment, just like every other normal person would? The answer is yes, they can. While we must have seen the famous Blind Photographer Gary Waite in the Nokia Advertisement, every single blind person yearns to cherish the joy of photography as well.

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Can Photography Change the World?

Photography is being used as a device to change the way that people learn in fields of community development, education and public health. Photovoice is a method of learning where people take photos of scenes in their local neighbourhood that can then be used for research purposes and to learn more about any given community. There is much scope for photovoice to learn about community and put together programmes that can help poorer communities to develop. Needs of a poor community are depicted in the photos giving a narrative of what daily life is like and how it needs to be changed.

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Hollywood vs. Nuri Bilge Ceylan

When my brain which is used to Hollywood movies encountered a Nuri Bilge Ceylan (NBC) movie, I literally had a lump on my throat. To analyze the reason of this emotion and to solve the mechanism in the NBC movies, I decided to watch the rest of his movies as well. Here’s my analysis report.

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